What EXACTLY should you Discover on DISCO Calls, Becc Holland

Gartner reports that 83% of buyers today DO NOT want a seller involved in the buying process, at all.

More strikingly, buyers often gain no new insights from an AE that they didn’t already possess.

Rather than enriching the buyer’s experience, AEs tend to only add: time, Zoom calls, 97 follow-up emails, and pressure to buy.

Come Join Becc Holland as she delves into the critical topic of Discovery, covering:

  • What should you “discover” in Discovery
  • Why focusing ONLY on Pain & Impact will hurt you
  • The Difference between a Pain vs. Problem vs. Impact
  • The 7 Rules & 12 Types of Problems
  • What 13 EXACT Questions you should ask to uncover unknowns, build credibility, and potentially increase close rates by 44%.   It’s time you and your team start nailing the Discovery.
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