Recruit Different, Work Different, by Jan Mertens & Krista Rampelberg

As with most disciplines, hiring in sales is also changing rapidly.

Even though the problems stay the same: high cost of mishires, it takes too long to find the right sales talents,…

The new generation of sales people have changed and therefore your end-to-end hiring approach needs to be overhauled. 

In this session we’ll help you start on the journey towards your new hiring approach.

To create this end-to-end approach we’ll go deeper into:

  • What processes and tools guarantee hiring for success and retention?
  • Why selecting on skills is way more predictive for future success than looking at past success? And how to do this successfully.
  • How focusing on contribution potential rather than on risk potential optimises value creation?
  • How continuous learning maximises attraction, retention and performance?
  • Finally, what fundamental changes in mindset and attitude are needed to distinguish yourself?   Sales leaders, sales recruiters, come and follow the ‘Recruit Different, Work Different’ workshop with Jan & Krista!

But, be ready to rumble, Krista and Jan might well shake up your actual rock-solid beliefs.

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