Generating revenue NOW how marketing and sales can accelerate revenue now while building future pipeline, by Andrei & Vladimir

“We need to generate revenue NOW” – the most common demand that pops up in marketing and sales meetings.

The only question is HOW? Investing more in demand-capturing ads? Running a webinar and pitching the product? Increasing the frequency of cold calls and emails?

Unfortunately, many GTM teams adopt a “spray-and-pray” approach, treating sales as a numbers game to meet revenue targets. This often results in blame games and missed targets at quarter’s end.

In this session, Andrei & Vladimir will cover how marketing and sales can stop the war and develop a joint playbook to accelerate revenue this quarter while building pipeline for the future.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the accounts that are likely to buy your product
  • Create awareness among the buying committee members
  • Nurture these accounts through a joint playbook to generate demand for your product
  • Sync marketing and sales next actions to accelerate the pipeline   Are you ready to make alignment the default? 
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